Tag Heuer Monaco (75)

Having a replica Tag Heuer Monaco, you as well can be part of a lengthy history of watchmaking excellence that Eduard Heuer started in 1860s Saint-Imier, Switzerland

Each replica Tag Heuer Monaco perfectly captures the spirit of the brand, which, right from its inception, was focused on one thing and one thing only: innovation. Breaking all the known watch manufacturing boundaries was Heuer's goal and his passion made the brand stand out and make a name for itself in an industry that can easily define competition.

A replica Tag Heuer Monaco, like other models coming from the Swiss company, is a tribute brought to the world of motorsports. The passion for watchmaking perfection made these fine replica watches unrivalled when accuracy is at stake, and in sports, a hundred of a second can be the difference between making history and being forgotten.

The replica Tag Heuer Monaco is named in respect to the Monaco Grand Prix race, and was originally called Heuer Monaco. Its revolutionary design, being the first squared chronograph, draw the attention of Hollywood superstar Steve McQueen, who wore the watch in many of his movies and so, the replica Tag Heuer became an extension of his persona.

The distinctive replica Tag Heuer Monaco design features a squared case and two pushers, one at 2 o'clock, one at 4 o'clock.

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